Tue, 30. Apr. 2024   Savostina, Anna

Master's project from Business Informatics goes Startup Olympics!

participants and the jury of Startup Olympics cheering
Startup Olympics © Claudia Anders, EWG

Presenting your own idea, recruiting other people as part of a team and working together on the idea, questioning assumptions and constantly exploring whether the idea is even interesting in this form for the targeted stakeholders - these are the basic principles of idea conception. Sometimes this also leads into entrepreneurship.

The Chair of Information Systems and Sustainable Supply Chain Management gives students the opportunity to try this out as part of the start-up course. They develop a profit or non-profit-oriented business model from their ideas. Sometimes it becomes something more. Students take off as founders with the help of various bodies at universities and funding from the federal and state governments. These promote and support start-ups. One such support and funding is the “Startup Olympics” event. It is organized by GUIDE, the Center for Start-ups and Innopreneurship at the UDE, in cooperation with EWG, the economic development agency of the city of Essen. Other important partners support the event.

Eight students took part in the Startup Olympics in Essen this weekend as part of the master's project for business IT specialists at Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe's Chair of Information Systems & Sustainable Supply Chain Management. This was the second time that the Master's project was able to take part in this fantastic experience thanks to an invitation from GUIDE. 

An intensive weekend awaited the students at the opta data Group's premises - lots of work, many new encounters with around 80 participants, input on various aspects of founding a company, 1:1 discussions with mentors and all-round catering. The master's students were thrilled with the open spaces and the small, dedicated ecosystem that formed over the weekend among the participants and the team of organizers. What was almost unexpected for them was how much progress they made with their ideas.

Over the next five months, the students have time to concretize their ideas to such an extent that a first part of the final product is created. This is known as a minimum viable product (MVP). This course is therefore very practically oriented - and gives a great deal of freedom. The students get into action - just do it, try it out and see where and how the initial idea develops. Later, it is possible to move into the co-creation lab Place Beyond Bytes. Here, all members of the UDE have a place to pursue their ideas, especially those that deal with data and want to create impact. The Startup Olympics as part of the Master's project are a highlight: the team grows together. The intensive work on their own idea, the cooperation with others and, above all, the valuable support from non-university people opens up new perspectives for the students and, above all, is a lot of fun. Once again, one of the teams won medals. The High Society team was awarded bronze. Congratulations! Team Klartext can also be proud of themselves - they all had a great pitch and an enormous amount of productivity behind them.

But the Startup Olympics offer much more: participants immerse themselves in the existing ecosystem of founders, startups and supporters in the Ruhr region. This ecosystem stands for the promotion of ideas, creativity and courage. This is not only suitable for start-up teaching, but also valuable for any course at the university that focuses on understanding problems and developing ideas and solutions. The Startup Olympics then offer the opportunity to find like-minded people and form a team - and above all to move from thinking to action.

The great support from the start-up ecosystem, including FuckUp Night Ruhrgebiet and mentors such as Pitch and Grow, IHK Essen, ENACTUS and In Frauenhand, makes the event so valuable for making contacts in the start-up scene.

At the same time, GUIDE, the Co-Creation Lab Product Innovations and the Place Beyond Bytes ensure that all UDE members can also be supported in the development of a start-up project beyond the event.

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